With the advent of internet pornography, particularly child pornography is become a major problem faced by nations. Many countries have attempted legislative measures to control this problem for example Section 67 of the IT Act makes publishing of any obscene information online as a punishable offence. There is Section 67B in the ITAct,2000 to combat Child pornography that prescribes punishment of 5 years and fine of INR 10lacs. Certain technical measures also prove useful in this direction such as blocking of sites, filtering unethical conduct and child monitoring software. Substantiated cases of child sexual abuse in the US declined dramatically in number between 1992 and (at least) 1998[11]. A substantial decline also appears to have occurred in Australia[12] . The UK Children’s charity NCH once stated that demand for child pornography on the Internet could lead to an increase in sex abuse cases[13] , though this conflicts with the Office for National Statistics’s 2007 report on Child Protection Registers, which shows a decrease of approximately 27% in the number of sexually abused children between 2003 and 2007 on the register[14].

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