Work Contribution


  • Landmark ruling on 36 hour deadline for Internet service provider to remove illegal content by Delhi High Court.
  • Submitted recommendations on Personal Data Protection bill and Digital India Act to the Ministry of Information technology, Government of India
    Dr. Seth participated in Roundtable discussions held by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology on Digital India Act and submitted her recommendations on DPDP bill and the Digital India Act. She emphasised the need to regulate Artificial Intelligence Systems and promote responsible use of AI in India.
  • Drafted the proposed draft law on Artificial Intelligence law for India (voluntary initiative in support of G 20)
    Dr. Seth drafted the proposed AI Act for India in support of G 20 mission. She recommended a pyramid approach akin to Europe where high risk systems are strictly regulated and minimum regulation as regards low risk systems so that AI can be leveraged optimally for the benefit of technological advancement and society.
  • Advised the Government of India on drafting the Cybercrime Convention, United Nations
    As legal Advisor to the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India , submitted recommendations to discuss and deliberate on key provisions of the UN Cybercrime Convention.
  • Advised the Government of India on Roadmap for 2047 and decriminalisation of Indian laws
    Dr. Seth advised the Ministry of Law, GOI on strategies and Roadmap for India @2047, the changes required to strengthen India’s legal framework , including decriminalisation of India’s IT Act & Criminal laws.
  • Invited to make recommendations to strengthen legal framework to combat wildlife cybercrime in India
    Dr. Seth's views were solicited on measures to strengthen regulatory framework to combat Cybercrime in Roundtables organised by WWF and Traffic, India.
  • Advised the Government of India on KYC requirements to onboard loan apps and gaming apps on app stores
    Dr. Seth advised on KYC requirements to combat fake loan apps on app stores and advised the Ministry in connected litigation before Indian courts.
  • Legal Advisor to the DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India to advise on a National Project aimed at strengthening cybersecurity capabilities (2023).
  • Cyber law Expert to National E-Governance Division (NeGD) & Group Coordinator, Cyberlaws under Ministry of Information Technology, Govt of India (2023).
  • Legal Expert, Controller of Certifying Authorities, Ministry of Information Technology constituted under the IT Act, 2000 (2011-till date).
  • Senior Counsel, Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (2022).
  • Professor of Practice, Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies (2023)
  • Authored the Book, ‘Computers, Internet & New Technology Laws’,3rd Edn, Lexis Nexis (2023)
  • Author of the Book ‘Protection of Children on Internet’, Lexis Nexis (2015)
  • Arbitrator, WIPO, Geneva (2023)
  • Arbitrator, CIArb , London (2023)
  • Fellow, Indian Council of Arbitration (2023).
  • Arbitrator with the National Internet Exchange of India, and passed 20+ Arbitral Awards in Domain name disputes. (2022-23)
  • As a Cyber Expert- Drafted Electronic Evidence Rules for all High Courts and District Courts in India as member of the Sub-Committee of experts (2020-2023)
  • Authored the book, Women Rights Against Cybercrimes, a G20 initiative, released by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.(2023)
  • Authored the e-filing User Manual for e-filing in District Courts and High Courts in India (2018)
  • Advised on various Policy initiatives- submitted recommendations for Vision@2047 document for creating a ‘Citizen Centric Justice Delivery System’ to the Department of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Law and Justice, (2022)
  • Voluntarily drafted the Proposed Artificial Intelligence Bill, 2022 in support of India’s Presidency in G20 (as a probono intitative) for consideration of Niti Aayog
  • Rendered inputs, suggestions and advice on the Draft Digital Data Protection bill, 2022 to Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, GOI
  • Presented suggestions and advice on the Draft Digital India Act, 2022 to the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, (2023)
  • Rendered Expert Opinion on reasons for India not signing the EU Budapest Convention on Cybercrimes to the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India (2022).
  • Submitted recommendations on UN Convention on Cybercrime on official requisition by Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI . (2023)
  • As an Indian expert on the Panel of the World Bank Group submitted online research for assessing prevalent women rights in India titled ‘Measuring the Legal Environment in practice’ (2022)
  • Appointed as India Country Chair for Cybersecurity by G 100, Global group of women leaders (2022).
  • Arbitrator, World Intellectual Property Organization (2022).
  • Arbitrator, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London (2022).
  • Arbitrator with PHD Chambers of Commerce (2022)
  • Empanelled as Legal counsel by the National Internet Exchange of India NIXI (2014-till date)
  • Presented expert views before National Commission for Women in Law Review Consultation on cybercrime against women held in Dec 2020
  • Presented before the National Cybersecurity Coordinator of India, ( PMO office) ,Government of India on suggestions to draft Cybersecurity Policy of India (2020)
  • Member of an expert committee, IGNOU for revision of course curriculum of Post graduate certificate course in Cyberlaw in 2020
  • Alumni of British Council Alumni Association of India
  • Presented views before Vivekanand International Foundation submitted to strengthen legal framework for Cyberwarfare on the requisition of, (2019)
  • Submitted recommendations to form an Advisory to curb fake news and regulate social media to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, (2018).
  • On requisition of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights co-authored legal toolkit- Child Victims of Cybercrime on (2017).
  • Appointed as Honorary Professor by Amity University (2017)
  • Submitted views to UNICEF on strengthening online safety for children. (2016)
  • Delivered on several lectures / cyber law training to Law enforcement agencies across India including National and State Judicial Academies, Police Academies (2000-till date)
  • Invited as an Expert by ICMEC, Singapore, Plan India and UNICEF to present views on Cybersafety of women and children
  • Founded a philanthropic organisation, Foundation For Institutional Reform & Education, to empower citizens with cyber awareness (,, (2015)
  • Launched a free app titled ‘IT Act, 2000 and cyberlaws’ on Apple platform to spread cyberawareness (2017).
  • Legal Advisor to Prasar Bharati, All India Radio, Doordarshan (2014 -17)
  • Member of the ICANN PDP Working Group formed in 2016 to frame a new policy framework for Internet’s Global Who is Registry. (2016).
  • Filed a PIL for decriminalisation of beggary and seeking directions for their Rehabilitation, Karnika Sawhney v UOI, W.P. 117 of 2000 decided on 30 Jan 2015.
  • Legal expert Member of Sunrise Committee, NIXI for scrutinizing applications for certain domain name ccTLDs (2014-15).
  • Presented views before the Indian Parliament- Lok Sabha on Cyber security and Privacy in cyberspace, 2010
  • Presented suggestions before the Consultation Group for developing social media related laws in India of the Ministry for Information Technology, Govt of India (2010-11)