The book deals with the vital humanitarian subject of child protection on Internet.Authored by Karnika Seth, acclaimed cyberlaw expert & Educationist, the book is a simple guidebook that aims to provide useful information and tips to parents and children, educators, law enforcement, legislators, NGOs and ,International organizations and Governmental agencies, on how to safeguard children on the internet and combat online child abuse. The Author has very vividly used Illustrations, examples, case studies to explain various threats children face on Internet such as cyberbullying , cyber grooming and child pornography and from her practical experience shared valuable tips on how to prevent and combat threats children face online.The book discusses the existing Indian laws that protect children in cyberspace, particularly POCSO Act, 2012 and IT Act, 2000 and the National initiatives adopted in India to protect children from online abuse. The author draws examples from other countries such as US and Europe including U.K and initiatives made by International organizations to combat online child abuse.The Author has made some pertinent recommendations on various techno- legal and social measures that can be adopted for safeguarding children on Internet.

The book is written in a very simple manner with an easy glossary of important cyber terms for readers who may not be very familiar with technical jargon of cyberspace. The book will be of immense use to parents, educators, children, judiciary, lawyers, law firms, law libraries, Police, Investigation agencies, international organizations, Non governmental bodies, industry associations, ITES companies, IT Professionals and law students.

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