In the past few decades, the contribution of information technology at the national and global forefront has been phenomenal and unprecedented. However, this unique and dynamic medium of communication has also brought techno- legal challenges. Partic-ularly, its inherent features of anonymity and borderless expanse has luredcybercri-minals leading to a rise in cyber threats, attacks & crimes. According to a recent Sy-mantec survey, India ranked 3rd in the list of countries where highest number of cyber threats were detected in 2017. The report revealed that India ranked 4th globally with 8% of global detections of ransomware (A Ransomware locks the computer and de-mands money to unlock the system). With the increase in the value of crypto curren-cy, cyber-attacks from new cyber miners have been detected where in cybercriminal steals computer processing power usage from consumer and entities to mine digital currencies. The said Symantec report found that the detection of coin miners on end point computers increased by 8500% in 2017. India also ranked 2nd after U.S in term of highest number of malwares for mobile phones.

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