Expert speak- DNA NEWS< NOV 9, 2009

Cops should block offending websites

It is a criminal offence to sell sex games with graphic visuals. Under section 292 of the Indian Penal Code whoever sells, rents out, distributes, publicly exhibits or in any manner puts into circulation can be hauled up.

The law also specially restricts production and possession. Violators and peddlers of such pornographic material may be punished. The penalty includes imprisonment and a monetary fine. Recently there were amendments to section 67A of the Information Technology Act. The amendment deals with any kind of sexually explicit material especially anything that falls under child pornography.

Online version and pirated copies of such explicit games should be blocked so that people have no access to it. The Cyber Crime cell can look into the matter and block the offending gaming websites.
Karnika Seth, Chairperson of Lex Cyberia, Seth Associates