It was a Monday evening. I was preparing for the hearing the next day in a court case, when the phone began to ring frantically. The voice on the other end was both urgent and nervous – it was a client.She was desperately in need of some legal advice. She said that her phone was being tapped, that she was being persistently harassed by someone writing offensive mails to her.
Law has a term for her situation-she was being cyber-stalked! I gave the young woman an appointment and told her to bring her cell phone and laptop along. Her phone was scanned by our forensic team for spyware. Indeed, keyloggers were found to have infected her mobile. Keylogger installation is a serious issue-it makes every keystroke on the phone visible to the person who sent the spyware. Undoubtedly, all data on the phone and her online activity had been compromised! It was evident that the stalker had been following all online activity on her smartphone. The content of the emails received by her was obscene, with her very personal pictures attached, pictures she had no intention to share with anyone and were only saved on her personal phone.

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