Knowledge of protection of children on internet and from internet are imperative these days. Author and lawyer Karnika Seth has written the book on the topic, Protection of Children on Internet, the book focuses on internet safety for children and the laws that will protect them.

Seth is a practicing lawyer, whose area of specialisation is cyber law. She also trains children and teachers on repercussions of using internet when they are unobservant.

Endless number of cases go unreported because people are not aware about how
one’s privacy is being hacked. She says that in her day-to-day life she receives queries from children and parents regarding cyber-bullying, obscene content, sexual grooming,
cyber stalking, hacking of accounts and morphing of pictures. According to her,
children don’t know that even language used in their blogs can be used against them.

“Cyber safety for children is a growing concern area and most parents and educational institutions are not aware of the threats and the laws that can protect a child,” says Seth.

In her book, she also discusses case studies of cyber violence across the country. For example, the Adnan Murder Case. Where a kidnapper impersonated himself as a girl in Orkut and contacted Adnan Patrawala (Mumbai resident) to meet him. His kidnapping made national news and so the kidnappers killed him and dumped his body on Palm Beach Road.

Reminder of such cases make anyone cautious. And this book is user friendly, even children can read it to become less naive about the issue. The book is not just about the laws that will help you win a court case. But also provides civil remedies to solve your problem quicker.

“The main key area in internet safety is reading the privacy settings of every app or file you download from the internet. Most of the apps are connected to your Google or social networking accounts, from where your private information can be seen by others too.

People do a lot of online shopping these days so credit card theft is also very common,” she adds.

She received the law day award for 2015 for the book from the Chief Justice of India in 2015 . She also received the digital empowerment award from government of India in 2015 for writing this book.