This e-book aims to clarify the liability of intermediaries that provide goods and services on internet. It seeks to clarify the definition and scope of who can be considered as an ‘intermediary’ and has been written with a special focus on Indian law. Does an intermediary only mean and include carriers of information such as an email service provider or also include an online shopping mall? Are payment gateways like Paytm also an ‘intermediary’? Are social media sites like facebook also an intermediary? The e-book aims to clarify what is an intermediary and when are they liable for publishing defamatory/illegal data posted by thirds parties. Will an intermediary be liable for copyright infringement if it offers music sharing services which are P2P based, that is, peer to peer sharing? Will a social media site be hauled into court for publishing any defamatory content? Are intermediaries liable for publishing child pornography or the blue whale game? These are some of the pertinent questions this book aims to answer using appropriate examples, illustrations and case law. The e-book elucidates liability of intermediaries and due diligence practices that Intermediaries may adopt to claim exemption from liability under the extant Information Technology Law of India.
This book is useful for legal practitioners, law libraries, IT companies, internet service providers and operators, all e-commerce companies, law students, law enforcement, and all companies that use intermediaries for their businesses.
The book is authored by Dr. Karnika Seth, internationally renowned cyberlaw expert and Founder Partner of Seth Associates law firm in India specialising in IPR and Cyberlaws. Dr. Seth practices law at the Supreme court of India and is a well-known author, cyberlawyer, policy maker and educationist to law enforcement bodies and educational institutions in India.

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