In today’s digital times, the notion and concept of Privacy has transformed and evolved in a revolutionary way! We all freely share personal information with friends and relatives on social media and give away personal information while registering for e-services or purchasing goods online. Use of cookies has made behavioral advertising as a powerful marketing technique of online retailers. Some common questions emerge, what data do we really need to share? How will this data be used? Can it be misused? What is privacy? How can it be protected? How does Privacy ruling of nine judge bench impact us? Can government put restrictions on our right to privacy? What is the law on Privacy in India? What can we do to safeguard our Privacy online? These are questions that are answered in this concise e-book.
It is meant to be an easy guide for students, law students, professionals, lawyers, infact it caters to all netizens to understand how we can protect our privacy online.The book also aims to give a brief overview of how Privacy is protected in U.S and Europe and recent changes in law.
The book is authored by Dr. Karnika Seth, internationally renowned cyberlaw expert and Founder Partner of Seth Associates law firm in India specialising in IPR and Cyberlaws. Dr. Seth practices law at the Supreme court of India and is a well known author, cyberlawyer, policy maker and educationist to law enforcement bodies and educational institutions in India.

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