A company is aware of the immense value that lies in its Intellectual Property & adopts reasonable industry best practices to protect it. Managing Intellectual Property in conventional sense, requires correct categorization of nature of Intellectual Property, its due registrations under applicable regulations, exploring optimal means of commercial exploitation , and its strategic deployment so that innovation is encouraged and returns are visible.The entire business of developing, managing& safeguarding Intellectual Property has seen a positive revolution in Digital India. Both domestic companies and foreign companies are investing in e-businesses and adopting India as their manufacturing/trader/sales base due to the recent changes brought by IP legislative and policy initiatives& progressive Judicial approach. In addition, Technology has brought drastic changes in ways in which Intellectual property can be used online for e-commerce purposes and the measures required to protect such intellectual property.Despite anonymity cyberspace brings , it has become easier to detect an infringement through e-surveillance & search engines.This paper discusses how Intellectual Property regime is strengthened in Digital India.  Read More