In today’s digital world, is privacy a myth? There is no better example to support this view than Pegasus spyware that took the world by a storm. Developed by an Israeli cyber arms firm,NSO group, Pegasus can be secretly installed on mobile phones and other iOS and android devices without even a single user click. It snoops into text messages, tracks calls, passwords, location and even steals sensitive data from apps. Discovered in 2016, the malicious spyware used jailbreak to gain access to an iPhone.The trojan horse has been reported to be sold to United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states including India for surveillance purposes. In July 2021, it was revealed by human rights group Amnesty International that the project Pegasus has been used to tap phones of high profile targets including more than 300 journalists, politicians and media activists in India. This is not the first time such revelation was made .Such attacks were reported even in 2018-19 when Whatsapp waged a legal battle in U.S against NSO alleging NSO had hacked into Whatsapp video calls in several devices.

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