With the passage of the IT Amendment Bill 2008 , specific section 67B was inserted in the IT Act,2000 to combat Child pornography. Our National agencies and NGOs that protect Child rights must take a clue from the News on Microsoft Software working towards curbing Child pornography. These agencies and Child rights organizations ought to liaise with the law enforcement agencies to enforce the legal rights of the exploited children in our country. – Here is the news!
Microsoft Tackles the Child Pornography Problem 20 December 2009
(New York Times)
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children assists law-enforcement authorities by culling through 250,000 images a week, looking for illegal material, and sends daily alerts to 68 Internet service providers worldwide. It is difficult, labor-intensive work for all. But Microsoft is contributing new image-matching software, PhotoDNA, that promises to automate and streamline online child-pornography monitoring. The new software is the result of two years of collaboration by a team at Microsoft Research, led by Larry Zitnick, and a group at Dartmouth College. In test runs, PhotoDNA has processed images in less than five milliseconds each and accurately detected target images 98 percent of the time.